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We are pleased to provide you with an excellent selection of marketing and promotional tools on this page.  Each link will open in a new window that will provide you with detailed information on each product.  Please check back frequently to see what we've added. 


Internet Marketing Training

Make Your Site Sell - Very commonly referred to as the "Bible" of Internet marketing, MYSS shows you in exact, practical, step by step detail how to master product development, how to build a web site that really sells, and how to bring targeted traffic to your site.  The price for this incredible work is ridiculously inexpensive at $39.95 Canadian, about $26 US at the time of this listing.

Insider Secrets - A very thorough course by Corey Rudl of the Internet Marketing Center for those of you who prefer a physical product over an electronic version.  Two binders, more than 1,000 pages and two CD-Roms of information that will help beginners and more seasoned veterans alike.

How to Start and Run a Real Business on the Internet - Building Your Foundation for Success! - Yes, our very own product makes the list, too.  If you're new to Internet marketing, this one is designed to get you started quickly and on the right path.  It's free to download.

Make Your Words Sell - Teaches you the mission critical skill of writing to sell on the Net.  Learn how to write a web site that sells, how to write persuasive email that sells, how to get that single "most wanted response" that every online store aims for and learn the words that trigger automatic response.

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Product Development

NicheFinder - Excellent software for helping you develop new product ideas based on extremely targeted market information.  Finding niches can be the most profitable exercise you undertake online and this tool makes the process much easier.

Here are two more products in the "Make Your _______ Sell" series by Dr. Ken Evoy.

Make Your Knowledge Sell - Turn your knowledge into income!  Learn how to discover your own saleable subject, develop it like a pro and profit from it on the Internet.  The product includes many special tools and resources to complement your efforts.

Make Your Price Sell - The definitive guide for pricing your products with complete confidence.  Allows you to identify the perfect price for any product using scientific methodology that is easy to use and implement.

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Website Design Training

Web Design Mastery - This is the most complete, easy to understand and well-written guide we have ever reviewed.  If you need to learn how to build a mini-site or a content site, this is the product for you.  It contains tutorials that you can follow step-by-step as well as lots of copy-and-paste code that you can incorporate directly into your website.  Once your website is built, the course functions as an outstanding reference source you can refer back to again and again.  There are lots of courses out there that will help you learn HTML.  This course takes it a step further with to-the-point information that will help you actually build an effective website.

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Website Design Reference

Web Design Mastery - In addition to representing an outstanding training course in website design, Web Design Mastery is full of referential material that you can refer to frequently for terrific advice on maintaining your website.  Not only does it contain a lot of copy-and-paste code you can use, but it contains two additional volumes that are outstanding reference sources.  Volume 2 contains webmasters reference charts and Volume 3 covers advanced website design.  See the description under the category Website Design Training for a description of the main volume and the product in general.

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Ebook Compilers and Covers

EbookCompiler - This is a truly outstanding value in an ebook compiler software package.  EbookCompiler has more features, and more benefits to you, than compilers costing four times as much.  It has excellent security features, produces a very professional looking product, and is very easy to use.  Technical support is outstanding.  It includes "rebranding" software in the very low price.  You can download it for a free trial to see if it meets your needs.

EbookPaper - Another terrific product from Wes Blaylock.  This product is big on security and flexibility and includes "rebrander" software and training materials on using your ebook compiler for viral marketing.  Produces a very professional looking ebook and is easy to use.

EbookPro - This is a fairly new product from the Internet Marketing Center that brings you unparalleled control over your ebooks, even after they have been distributed!  Use Flash, ShockWave, audio, and video to add pizzazz to your work.  View the usernames and passwords of individuals who own your ebook as long as it is registered to them.  Prevent password sharing that robs you of profits.  If you need extremely advanced features, this may be the product you require.

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Professional Autoresponders

RapidReply - Get 50 professional autoresponders for less than the cost of ONE autoresponder from RapidReply's competitors.  Loaded with features.  Try a free one to see how you like them!

AWeber Communications - Outstanding hosted solution that easily handles your communications with potential customers, sales follow-ups and your mailing list.  AWeber is a recognized market leader with a tremendous track record.  Take a free test drive to see how powerful these tools are.  Then try it risk free for 30 days.

GetResponse - Another outstanding hosted solution that offers both FREE and PRO autoresponder accounts.  The free account may work just fine for you and you can always upgrade when you need more power.

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Mailers and Email Automation

Group Mail Pro - An excellent mailer well-suited to the beginner as well as the professional/power user.  You can manage groups and lists of any size.  Several plug-ins are available to help manage and maintain your groups more easily.  This mailer will serve you well if you do not yet require advanced automation functions and do not have to mail to huge lists.  Depending on your Internet connection, you can mail to a list of 2,000 using personal send mode (the slowest) in about two hours.

Gammadyne Mailer - If you need a little more power than Group Mail Pro, the Gammadyne Mailer will give you the power and features of Mailloop and the ease of use of Group Mail Pro.  It represents an outstanding option to either one.

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Online Resource Programs

The Internet Marketing Warriors - Literally thousands of ebooks, special reports, scripts and other tools are available to you on the Warrior site.  You also get access to the Warrior forum where you will get unparalleled assistance from some of the very best marketers on the web.  This is a resource you do not want to be without!  Click the link for the details.  If you don't join, at least sign up the War Report, which is the free newsletter of the Warrior Group.

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Ezine Directories and Resources

EzineAnnouncer - This is one of the very best tools we feature.  This little gem will save you more time than you can believe and help you grow your profits from ezine activities and increase your subscription rates.  You use it to submit your ezine to hundreds of ezine directories, update your listings and ad rates in the directories, manage ad swaps with other ezine owners, submit free ads to ezines that accept them, submit your articles for publication and then manage each of these processes in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it manually.  This one is a must have for any ezine owner or anyone who writes articles for submission to ezines.

TopEzineAds - More than just a directory of ezines.  Need to know which business opportunity ezines have circulations between 5,000 and 10,000 subscribers and will sell you a solo ad for under $30?  TopEzineAds unique search functions allow you to find what you're looking for in far less time.

E-Zinez - "The Handbook of Ezine Publishing."  Terrific resources to help you find success in publishing your own ezine.  FREE!

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"Script Friendly" Hosting

Warrior Pro - Host4Profit - While hosting is not actually a marketing tool, you can run into trouble attempting to run mail software, autoresponders, CGI programs and other script-based tools when your  host is not set up properly or is unwilling to help you make the changes required.  Host4Profit is guaranteed to work with any tools or scripts you may choose to run.  It also has an excellent affiliate program that can easily turn your hosting expense into a profit center.  The new Warrior Pro program gives you Host4Profit hosting, membership in the Warrior forum, and much more all for the original price of Host4Profit hosting.  This is a complete professional package for one low fee.

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Site Built It!

Site Build It! - Deserving a category of its own, a unique and complete all in one system of tools that make it easy for anyone to create and build a web site that is loaded with high profit-potential content.  Your site will be built with search engine positioning in mind.  Includes research tools, domain name registration, point and click building tools, web site hosting, search engine optimization, full traffic stats, and pay per click tools.  Everything is included in one annual fee that is no more than what you would pay to simply host a site with most reputable web hosting services.

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