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This page contains links to free ebooks, software and other files we are making available for download.  We will be periodically expanding this section, so check back frequently to see what we have added. 

Click on the appropriate link in the Formats section of a file's description to begin downloading.

A definition of the file formats is available at the bottom of this page. All file sizes are approximate.


The Ways of the Warriors: Veteran Entrepreneurs Reveal Battle-Tested Marketing Secrets

A great collection of marketing articles by members of the Internet Marketing Warriors!

Formats: Warriors-01.exe (685 k)

How to Instantly Increase Your Ezine Subscribers by 700%

Learn how to get the initial push in your quest for 20,000 ezine subscribers and gain maximum exposure.  Learn how to earn money by giving this course away for free!  (Includes rebrander).

Formats: (314 k)


Seven Secrets to Unlimited Traffic

Learn the most important things you must do to generate sustainable and unlimited traffic to your site, traffic that grows on its own!  Regardless of what else you do to promote your site, you must use these techniques if you are to flourish.

Formats: (218 k)


Magic Letters - How to Write So People Buy Now!

Learn those words that prove irresistible to your prospects.  Learn how to create action by appealing to the subconscious.  Understand the effect the structure, headlines, use of white space and other formatting affects your readers, and much more!

Formats: (337 k)


Scientific Advertising

An electronic version of a book written decades ago that explores the guiding principles of advertising and marketing in a manner no less appropriate now than it was then.  This book is considered a masterpiece and should be in your library.

Formats: (265 k)


Insider Profits: The Truth About Online Sales

From Internet strategies to email marketing to opt-in lists to using free publicity to build your business, this book covers it all.  Use it as a reference tool or as a training aid for your staff or downlines.

Formats: (323 k)


101 High Profit Businesses You Can Start Online With Little or NO Money

Want to start a new business on the Internet but not sure what kind of business you could succeed in?  Already online but anxious to diversify?  Here are some ideas for you!

Formats: (242 k)


How to Start Your Own Traffic Virus

Learn the techniques necessary to drive hordes of traffic away from your competitors and into your site!

Formats: (265 k)


Web Gold

A collection of articles by Terry Dean on getting started on the web, Internet strategy, traffic generation, email marketing, copywriting, multiple income streams, testing and tracking.

Formats: (525 k)


Domain Name Analyzer

Free software to help you find the perfect domain name for your business!  Type in your preferred name or keyword and this software will give you dozens of additional options in case your preferred name is not available.  Check the ones you like, hit a button, and the software will immediately indicate which ones are available!  Mark your choices, hit one more button and you're at your preferred registration screen registering your new name.  Easy to use and very, very handy!

Formats: (502 k)

Domain Name Analyzer is Copyright (C) Softnik Technologies.


The Magic Story

This is a very short book that has actually changed people's lives.  Written more than 100 years ago, it is full of insight that is ageless in its application.  Put in ebook form by the Marketing Warriors, it is now available to you.  This book is presented here on the chance you may be one of those who realizes a life-changing experience upon reading it.

Formats: (303 k)

Publishing Company in a Box

An ebook containing many excellent articles on advertising, Internet marketing, business tips, business opportunities, legal information and more!  (This is a large file and may take a while to download using a dialup connection).

Formats: (3,596 k)

Superior Marketing Tools and Tactics

Terrific marketing ebook containing excellent tools and tips for accelerating your marketing efforts!

Formats: (657 k)

File Formats

.bas    Visual Basic source file, in text format
.exe    Windows executable archive or program
.zip     Windows archive file
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