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How to Start and Run a Real Business on the Internet

-- Building Your Foundation for Success!

by: Cary Christian


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If you're like most new Internet marketers, you started your online efforts  without giving one thought to building the foundation for your business.  You may have blindly selected products and programs to promote and spent many months trying every promotional method you can find in an attempt to generate sales.  It's not working like you'd like it to, is it?  It won't until you back up and build the foundation.

You need to understand the forces arrayed against you and how the very structure of most online business opportunities guarantee your failure.  You must learn how to break free from these constraints and take control of your business activities.

It's not as difficult as you might believe, and I want to show you how.  I'll cover setting up your online business properly and how to promote your  products or programs profitably.  There are so many marketing options available, too little information about how best to use them, and too many outright lies about what works and what doesn't.

This book is targeted squarely at the beginning marketer and those advanced beginners who are becoming frustrated with their lack of success.  If you consider yourself to be in one of these categories, download this book and let's get started.

In this guide I will show you how to evaluate each major type of marketing resource available on the Web today and how it might fit into your own customized marketing campaign.  We have spent thousands of dollars and thousands of man-hours evaluating marketing resources.  The vast majority of them failed miserably!  I'll tell you why.  We wasted our money and time so you won't have to!

You'll learn the following:

  • The components of the foundation of your online business,

  • The most important marketing resource you will ever have,

  • When not to attempt to make a sale with your ads,

  • The real truth about the market for affiliate and MLM programs,

  • How to properly evaluate an affiliate or MLM program,

  • The role of "super affiliates" in the market and how they affect your chances of succeeding,

  • The truth about "duplication" in affiliate programs and the big lie perpetuated by so many programs,

  • The importance of having your own products,

  • What finding a niche really means to you,

  • How to organize a pay-per-click campaign,

  • How to most profitably use free advertising resources,

  • How to create your own customized marketing strategy,

  • and much more, including one "secret" that might change your attitude and your prospects for success overnight. 

You will be spending your hard-earned money and most of your available time building your Internet business.  You owe it to yourself to go into this process as well prepared as possible.  I sincerely want to help you with that.  That's why this book is free!

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