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"Taxes are one of the single largest expenses small businesses have on an annual basis.  Yet these liabilities are ignored, mismanaged or not managed at all, and are often dealt with as an afterthought.  In short, small businesses overpay their taxes every year."

We'd like to do something about that.


Dear Fellow Taxpayer,


Large businesses can afford the best accounting and legal minds available to prevent overpayment of taxes.  They understand that taxes are a cost to be managed just like any other business cost.  The typical small business owner is so pressed for time and intent on attempting to make his or her small business into a large business that taxes tend to take a back seat to the many other demands on their time. 


As a result, most small businesses I've seen in my 23 years of consulting have consistently overpaid their taxes without having a clue that they are doing so.  Even one very simple planning technique missed can easily cost thousands of dollars, and most small business owners miss a lot more than one!  It's time to do something about that.


Tax liabilities are the single largest expense most small businesses have other than their cost of products sold and payroll.  With corporate rates reaching 39 percent, state income tax rates added on top of that, sales taxes, employment taxes, real and personal property taxes, and so many other taxes each taking a bite out of profits, how could it be otherwise?


The answer is simple: small business owners must take the time to educate themselves on tax matters and tax planning.  Even if you have a tax preparer, accountant, CPA or tax attorney helping you out, you will still overpay your taxes if you do not have an understanding of the things you should be doing DURING the year to minimize your taxes.  If you do not think about taxes until it's time to file your return, YOU ARE TOO LATE!


We have an answer for you.  We call it the "Small Business Tax Planning Chronicles" and the first book in this series is ready for you now.  Volume 1 covers the basics of choosing a form of organization, overall accounting methods, inventory accounting methods, general tax planning and a special section on S Corporation elections.  Each succeeding volume will present new topics, build on previous topics, address specific tax issues in great detail, and otherwise keep you up to date on what you should be on top of during the year.  We will be covering small business pension plans, home-based businesses, employer versus subcontractor issues, handling IRS and state tax audits, offers in compromise and much more. 


A new volume will be released at a rate of one per month until the set is complete.  Each volume will be updated as necessary to account for new laws and new interpretations of the law.  When complete, this series will be the most thorough, continually updated investigation of small business tax planning in existence.  In the meantime, each volume stands on its own as a valuable information source with respect to the specific topics it covers.  Begin now and start managing your taxes to improve your profitability.


We hope you will start your educational journey with us today.  Make the commitment to stop wasting your money NOW!




Cary Christian


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Small Business Tax Planning Chronicles - Volume 1

by: Cary Christian, CPA, MCP, SCSE, SCFS, SCAD

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