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by: Cary Christian

We've talked before about the benefit of using autoresponders in your marketing efforts, but there still seems to be a lot of confusion about where and how to use them.

First off, autoresponders are a terrific timesaver, especially if you receive a lot of requests for information. The time it takes to personally respond to a large number of similar emails can become quite inhibiting.

Second, autoresponders give you a terrific way of following up with prospects on a schedule without having to remember to do the follow-ups and, again, without having to spend the time to follow-up manually.

But where do you put these things so they can start working for you 24 hours a day?


There are a number of ways you can use autoresponders on your website:

- Have a page where you offer free email courses with each each course set up on its own autoresponder. People who visit your site can sign up any time of day or night and you don't have to be involved in the process. Naturally, the email course should be designed to help you increase sales.

- Offer answers to frequently asked questions or support issues via autoresponder. This can be a tremendous time saver.

- Offer more in-depth information on your products or tips for using your products via autoresponder. You can even offer a complete catalogue and periodic updates automatically.


We've talked before about how classified ads are generally worthless for actually trying to sell something. But they're good for giving something away for free. Offer your email courses, with your advertisements or subtle sales message included, on free classified ad boards, in ezines, and anywhere else where you can post a short ad. Get that autoresponder address out there wherever it might be seen.


If you're not using a signature block on every email you send out, you're missing a great opportunity. Place an appropriate short ad and autoresponder address in your signature file wherever you can use one. Using a signature file on your personal and business emails is a given, but remember to use them when you post on forums and newsgroups as well. Here's an example:

Cary Christian
Learn how to become a high-earning affiliate
champion with the free Affiliate Masters Course

Your signature file can be three to five lines long and you should keep each line under 60 characters to make sure it will always display properly no matter what email client the recipients of your emails are using.


Let's not forget that people live offline, too! Put your autoresponder address on business cards, stationery and other printed materials you use in the brick and mortar world.


If you're using free downloads, like software or ebooks, to create some viral marketing for your website, don't forget to use your autoresponder address in these items. This will help make your viral marketing efforts just that much more viral by multiplying the effects of your activities.


Autoresponders are among the most effective and efficient tools you can use. You're really short-changing yourself if you're ignoring their potential. Not sure where to get one?

There are a number of free autoresponder options available these days, but most of them will include an ad at the very top of the email. This detracts from your message. If you must use a free one, FreeAutobot at  works well. You'll be somewhat bombarded with ads while you're working on the site, but they do not include ads in your emails.

If you want an outstanding professional autoresponder you can't go wrong with GetResponse's Smart Responder. It's just terrific and you can get it at

You should take every chance you get to put as much of your online business on autopilot as possible. There's a great feeling in knowing that you're selling even when you're fast asleep!

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