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What To Sell/What Sells Best On The Net? 

By Vishal Rao 

This is the first question that comes to anyone who wants to make a fortune on the Net. And the answer to that is, INFORMATION.

If you have a passion for a particular hobby, pass-time or field or interest, you may have already developed the core of a highly profitable business. Information sells like CRAZY and there will be a NEVER-ENDING demand for what you call "How To Manuals Or Reports".

People are always eager to buy information that can help them improve their lives:

1) Financially
2) Physically
3) Emotionally.

If you can fill any of those needs with information that can be put onto a written page, there are millions of people waiting to hand over their cash to get it. Some examples of successful How To type publications would be:

How To Make A Fortune With Your Home PC!
How To Make A Fortune Cultivating Mushrooms!
How To Make $2-300 A DAY By Losing Weight!!!
How To Quit Smoking Within 30 Days!
How To Beat Insomnia!
How To Lose 20 Pounds In 30 Days!
How To Get Your Spouse Back!
How To Get Back Sex In Your Life!

The list is endless.

Anybody Can Write

You don't have to be Stephen King to write a 10-20 page manual on the subject which you know. A marketing expert won't be able to write a manual on breeding salt-water fishes unless he does a thorough research on the subject.  But YOU can, if breeding salt-water fishes is your hobby or your subject of research.

Picking a subject to write about - one that has sales appeal and that will sell well for you - is not as hard as it sounds. The best rule to follow is to write only about something you already know a great deal about.

With this advice in mind, it will follow that your best writing will be about those subjects that particularly interest you. And remember, the more you are involved or interested in the subject, the easier it will be for you to write about that subject in a manner that will hold your reader's interest.

Your knowledge and enthusiasm will show through - causing your reader to overlook any technical writing weaknesses.

Know Your Market

There are hundreds of publications filled with ads by people just like yourself, who discovered they could make a lot of money writing and publishing their own work. Looking through opportunity ezines, or other publications that cover the field you are interested in, is a good place to start looking for ideas.

Review all the advertisements in the ezines you have chosen to see what popular topics and subjects are being written about in books, manuals, reports and newsletters.

Then ask yourself if you can come up with a better way, or have equally interesting information you can present from a different angle, or with a different twist that would also be of interest to the readers in that market.

If the answer is "yes," then you can enter that market and also make some incredible money!

Research, Research, Research!

Once you've decided on the subject you're going to write about and analyzed the market, the next step is thorough research. Visit your public library and "bone up" on your subject. Read as much about it as you can find - newspapers, magazines, books - everything!

Start collecting clippings, talk to your neighbors, your friends and relatives, and take notes on all information you gather from reading and personal discussion.

When you've spent a good six weeks intensively researching your subject, gathering notes and discussing it as often as you can with as many different people as possible, you should be ready for the next step - the sorting, compiling and assembly of your notes.

Simply read through all the notes and clippings you have accumulated, discarding those that are repetitious, and organizing those you're going to use according to your "subject coverage" outline.

The Future Is ePublishing

Now with the help of one of the greatest inventions of all time, the PC, compiling what you have written in to an eBook (Electronic Book) couldn't have been more easier.

You can start your own ePublishing business without having to worry about finding a publisher for your book. You can both write aswell as publish your own eBook!

The best part is, as a writer, you are no more entitled to royalties. You get to keep the ENTIRE profit to yourself.  Therefore it is not surprising to find Stephen King sell his latest book in the form of eBook.

The whole process of accepting credit cards and delivering your eBooks can be fully automated, so your job will be only to collect those checks in your mailbox!

Listed below are some of the eBook compilers.

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PDF eBooks

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2000 Vishal Rao. All Rights Reserved. Vishal Rao works full time on the Internet helping aspiring netpreneurs reach their goals. He publishes an informative e-zine HomeBiz Opportunities and is also the author of popular e-book, "E-Business Secrets". Grab your FREE copy of his e-book at


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