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by: Cary Christian

A major marketing guru or two began announcing a new program a week or so ago. Other major marketing forces online picked up the ball and ran with it. It's another forced matrix and everyone on the top is promising massive spillover to those who join beneath them. Of course, there is the usual disclaimer that you should not count on spillover to be successful. In fact, they don't want you unless you're a serious marketer willing to work the program vigorously!

So what else is new? This happens many times during the year. "It's the same old story, Cary. Why are you making a big deal out of it? Hello, anybody in there?"

What's different is that this new program is being promoted all over the Internet and people are obviously signing up like crazy . . . BUT NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE PRODUCT IS YET!

You've been promised it will be the greatest thing ever, that it will revolutionize the Internet. Who knows. Maybe it will even cure cancer! Or maybe just make your marketing easier.

Oh yes, and did I mention NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE PRODUCT IS YET!


This situation points out several problems that are, in my opinion, choking the life out of marketing on the Internet.

First, if certain gurus say "jump off the highest cliff you can find," there are many of you who are going to do it. No questions asked. Don't get me wrong: I have great respect for the people who are releasing this new program. But I will not risk my reputation selling something when I don't even know what the product is. How credible is that? How can I tell you it will be great and have my words mean anything to you? How do I know it will be great when I don't even know what it is?

Second, it's another "forced matrix" with tons of spillover. I don't care how many great marketers are on top of this matrix working to generate spillover for you. If you do the math, you'll still reach a point where the people at a certain level in the matrix won't have a prayer of making any money. Unless the product is something that is consumable and can be sold multiple times to the same consumers. But we don't know that, do we, because NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE PRODUCT IS YET! (Sorry. I'm having a tough time getting past that one).

Third, if they do not want people to count on spillover to make a profit, why are they making such a big deal about spillover? The bottom line is you'll have to get in early and you will have to get lots of spillover if you are going to be one of those who realizes success from this thing. Why can't they just come right out and say that for once!

Fourth, outstanding marketers that I respect a great deal are starting to resort to matrix-type programs to make money. These are the people who have always preached you have to work on getting your own products, building your business the right way, and represent only quality affiliate programs.

I think many of these guys are starting to lose credibility and I hate to see it happen. We need successful marketers to look up to and study to see how they were able to get where they are.

Many of these guys have such huge mailing lists and such a loyal following that they will make a fortune off of anything they recommend. If it is their desire, they are in a position to exploit those who follow them to enrich themselves even more. It is a lot of power to hold and with that power should come responsibility.

Sometimes I get the feeling certain "gurus" are playing the role of the puppeteer, sitting back and pulling the strings just to see how long people will stay attached and respond to their stimuli. Sort of a gigantic, real life experiment in human mind control. I hope this is not true.

Regardless, please don't let yourself become one of these puppets. Think for yourself. If something doesn't make sense, call it like you see it. Protect yourself and go about building your business the right way.

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