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Unleash the Power Of Inertia!

by: Anthony Stillwell

The law of Inertia (pronounced - E-NER-SHA) states:

An object in motion tends to stay in motion. An object at rest tends to remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force.

It's far too easy to become complacent and not do the things we know we should. It's hard to get started unless you have a strong external force to make you do something. Maybe not having the things you want in life isn't hurting you bad enough yet. Maybe you've convinced yourself that everything is just fine the way it is.

Only YOU know for sure, but if you're reading this article I have the sneaking suspicion that you DO want more. The problem most people face is that their circumstances (outside force) haven't reached a point where it inspires action.

Waiting until you're in debt before you get serious about your business is a big mistake. Waiting until you're about to have something repossessed is too late. Do everything you can to make your business all that it can be NOW before something major happens.

Kick The Procrastination Habit

If you need an extra shove in the right direction here are a few ideas to get you started...

1) Create a simple report that can be sold for $19 or more and get setup with ClickBank -

What you want to do is design a site for your report and let other people sell it from their sites through YOU. It works like this... You create a sales letter and let other people host it on their server. They would link to your order page like this...

' yournickname/1/Product_description

This is so your affiliates can sell your product directly from their website. There are all kinds of advantages to YOU and to your affiliates if you decide to do this.

Download a copy of "Working With ClickBank" for more info:

You retain control of the product which means that you control the price. When you sell the rights to a product people can give it away if they want and you can't really do anything about it. This option lets you retain control.

ClickBank will let you give affiliates up to 75% of the profits so this is what you want to do.

The reason?

You want to give people as much incentive as possible to sell your information. ClickBank also gives your affiliates the names and email addresses of the people who buy through them.  So not only will your affiliates make money without creating anything they also get names and email addresses to follow up with.

Your affiliates can also add their own unique bonuses to your offer to increase the perceived value to make more sales.

It's a WIN-WIN deal.

2) Do you have the rights to a report? Why not let others "give" it away as a bonus for the products and service they offer by linking to a download page on your site? Give them a Username and Password so they can give access to the "secret" download.

Your customers or subscribers get a way to refer new business to you while looking like the "good guy" in the process.

3) Got and idea for a software product? Stop sitting around wishing it was created and do something about it! Get programmers to bid on your project.

Use 'Rent-A-Coder'

4) Do a little writing every day. If you hate writing this will get you past all that. The important thing is that you get moving in the direction you want to go. Remember... Inertia. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. By constantly writing you're putting yourself in a position to get free advertising.

* People can distribute your articles in their newsletter or post them to their websites. Put a notice in plain site that says you give permission to distribute your work.

* Your affiliates can turn your articles into an autoresponder course to send traffic your way.

* You can turn your articles into an ebook and let affiliates customize it and give it away.

* You can expand your articles into short reports and sell them. Internet Cash Machines started out as a free article and now sells for about $15.

* You can expand your articles into reports and use them as bonuses for other products and services you sell. You can also sell the rights to your reports as a group to let others give you free advertising.

5) Test some aspect of your website.

* Your Headline. Is yours getting attention? Is it compelling?  Does it stop your readers in their track? Does it point out something your visitors should be interested in? What does it do?

* Your Ad Copy. Does your opening sentence invite readers to find out more about what you're offering? Do your "bullets" entice? Are your bonuses freely available on other sites? Does your guarantee inspire trust?

* Follow-Ups. Do you actively go after email addresses? Do your pop-ups load fast and offer something for free? Do you try to sell products right away to the people who join your list through a series of automatic follow-ups?

Usually you want to only test one variable at a time so use a program like CopyClicks to test two different versions of the same page:

There are so many things you could be doing right now to make your business more profitable that there's really no reason to ever get complacent.

Inertia - Get moving and it will be easy to stay moving.

Anthony Stillwell is the author of "Unlimited Free Traffic" and publisher of the EnterNet P R O F I T S newsletter where you'll get the hottest tips and the coolest resources to give you the advantage.


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