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What Tools Are Available to Help Me Manage My Programs?

by: SBC Staff

Note: To see our constantly updated recommendations for marketing tools, go to our Essential Marketing Tools page.

The following is a listing of programs and products that we believe will be useful to you.  Some of them are absolute essentials; others fall into the category of “nice to have.”  We’ll give you our opinion on which category each tool belongs to.  Click on the name to visit the site.  We only recommend sites or products that we use.  We are constantly in the process of testing new products and visiting more sites, so check back frequently to see what we’ve added!

The Internet Marketing Warriors - One of the best sites for tremendous marketing resources and one of the best organizations to join if you are serious about marketing on the net.  You will not find many groups or organizations that will give you as much as you can get here.  Warning!  It could take you MONTHS to go through the resources you will get here.  At a minimum, sign up for the free newsletter, the War Report.

The Internet Marketing Center - In case you are not familiar with Corey Rudl, Corey took his first business online in 1996 and turned a failed business and bankruptcy into 4 online businesses that earn $5.2 million and generate over 6,000,000 visitors each year!  He has literally pioneered many of the marketing techniques that you see commonly used online today!  Sign up for the newsletter.  Get the Internet Marketing Course.  You will not be sorry.  Many other great tools available.

Host4Profit - This is a tremendous hosting package with all the power and tools you will ever need.  It's also very nice that it pays you back with referral fees.  Sign up three people and you're making a profit off your host!  Host4Profit hosting is now included in the price of a Warrior Pro membership and includes ad tracking, unlimited autoresponders and membership in the Warrior forum.

Infacta Group Mailer – Infacta offers three versions of their group mailer: a free version, the Pro Version and the Plus version.  The free version is limited to mailing to 100 email addresses at a time, so it will not be very useful to you.  The Pro version is $49.95 and will service your bulk mailing leads quite satisfactorily.  The Plus version is $149.95 and contains features you probably will never use.  You must have a group mailer and Group Mail Pro is an excellent product for the price.  Using Group Mail Pro and ROIBOT’s or other free autoresponder services will give you the capabilities of mailers costing up to ten times as much.

TopEzineAds – Do you need to find out which ezines have circulation under 5,000, have solo ads, and you can buy an ad for less than $50.00?  Just type in your parameters, search, and you'll be given a list of all the ezines that meet your needs!  Includes how long the ezine has been published, contact information, pricing, circulation, and much more!  If you plan on advertising in ezines, this service is a must have.  Ignore the hype on their home page; the product is worth the one-time $47.00 cost.

WorldSubmitter - With WorldSubmitter, you are allowed to create five profiles if you have a free account, and 30 if you have a paid account.  Each profile contains an ad and the information required to submit it.  With one click you can submit your ad to over 7,100 search engines, 1,500,000 FFA link pages, over 83,000 classified ad sites, and 5,500 message boards.  The beauty of this system is that you can enter ten of these profiles into a submission queue, click the submit button, and WorldSubmitter will submit each of those ten ads to all the sites you have previously designated.  The result is that you are posting your ads to over 1,500,000 sites ten times.  That’s over 15,000,000 postings!  The best part is that since it takes WorldSubmitter a while to submit to all these sites, you will have a new ad being posted as your previous ones are rolling off.  So instead of your ad being visible for half an hour, it will be visible for several hours.  The free program is a must, and you will probably upgrade to the $19.95 per month paid program after you use it for a while.

Alexa – You can add the Alexa toolbar to your browser to obtain information about the popularity of sites you visit.  It will also provide you with contact information for the site that could be useful if you want to attempt to negotiate banner exchanges with a site.  The toolbar is free, so if the information described above might be useful to you, get it! – Site has tools that let you see your site the way others do.  Useful for checking to make sure your site looks like you expect it to regardless of the browser being used.  Also has tools to check your html, links, screen size, meta tags and has promotional tools as well.  It’s free! – Site that lets you check the total number of sites that link to your site or any other site you choose.  Can be useful when trying to find banner exchange partners.  Free!


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