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By Terry Dean


There are three words which are major keys to success of any web site. Understand these three words and you will find yourself halfway to success on the Internet. Disregard them, and you will always be struggling to find any type of financial success through online marketing.

1. Free

The key word that the entire Internet is built on is the simple word "Free." It is a word that you will need to get to know if you want to create a successful Internet business.

The easiest way to get people to visit your site and to keep coming back is to offer something for free there. It can be a free report or a free service such as a free-for-all links page or a free search engine submission program.

Although everyone out there is trying to tell you exactly how to get traffic, the secret to getting traffic is contained in that one word...Free.

You have to come up with something interesting that is full of benefits for your targeted market and give it away for free on your site. This will be your hook for fishing out the right prospects continually 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Here are some "hooks" I have used very successfully to constantly get traffic to come to my site and to keep coming back: Free Reports, Free Electronic Books, Free-For-All Links Page, Free Classifieds, Free Discussion Group, Free Newsletter, Free Real Audio or Real Video, Free Recommend a Friend Script, Free Postcard Site, and Free Search Engine Submissions.

The best free thing that you can provide though for most markets is a free report that leads into your product. For example, create a free report on 11 Traffic Generating Tips if you sell a Internet Traffic Generation report. Or create a report on how to get dogs to stop chewing up your stuff if you sell dog training courses.

If you create a free report which is a natural lead-in for your main product, you can use one of the automated follow-up systems and create an automated follow-up system for your sales letters to follow-up on those who requested your free report.

So, you would put your free report on the multi-responder as the autoresponder's first message. Then, you would have it programmed to automatically deliver your sales letter the next day to anyone who requests your free report. Each of your next 8 or so follow-up messages would then be programmed to complete the sales process.

The Free Report which is on the first autoresponder message will be the key to getting the hits on the autoresponder. The follow-up sales messages will be the keys to getting automated sales for your site.

2. Lead Product

A key to any successful site is that they have one main product as a lead product. You DO NOT want to focus on all of your products to each new visitor to your site.

Too many choices will confuse the average prospect. Give them one main choice that you focus on continually throughout your site and all of your materials.

I have tested both methods...offering one product mainly and having a web site which resembles a catalog approach. The one product approach actually outsold the catalog approach by around 2 to 1.

Too many products only caused confusion for my visitors, and confused prospects that can't decide what they want usually don't buy anything. Although a few major companies have been able to get away with the catalog approach, it is just too difficult for the average small business.

Use your other products as backends for multiple streams of income.

3. Backend

The principle of the backend sale is so neglected by most businesses that many people don't even realize how powerful understanding it can be.

If you develop a good backend product which many of your first time customers go on to purchase, you almost have an unlimited money machine for your business.

For example:

Let's say you are in an information business selling a low cost audio tape set and a larger video package. The first product you have sales for $50.00 (and costs $25.00 for dropshipping from the owner) while your second package sales for $300.00 (and costs $150.00 dropshipping from the owner).

If the first product you sell to customers sells for $50.00 and costs you $25.00 to fulfill, you have $25.00 potential earnings from it where you have to pay advertising expenses from. If it costs you on average $20.00 advertising expense for each new customer, you would only be earning a $5.00 profit on every new customer.

What would happen though if you included a sales letter for your $300.00 course in every $50.00 package people bought?

If 1 out of every 5 customers you brought in on the first product would also buy your second product for $300.00, you would be earning an extra $150.00 off of every 5 customers. Your front end profits would have been $25.00 for these 5 customers and your backend profits would have been $150.00 without spending more than a couple of cents extra for the sales letter included in the packages.

The money is in the backend sale. Don't forget about it.

Successful Internet Marketing can be accomplished by just understanding these three words: Free, Lead, and Backend. It may sound a little too simple, but these words are the three major keys to creating a profitable Internet business.

The more you understand about each of them, the closer you will come to the dream business you are continually creating online...


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