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Strategy for a Struggling Economy
by: Cary Christian

Let's be honest about something. Most Internet businesses struggle to produce profits. Even made their first quarterly profit just this last quarter. Businesses who do quite well in the brick and mortar world often find their results lukewarm in cyberspace. If your business is the exception, congratulations and more power to you! But you would certainly be happy if you could do better, wouldn't you?

Today's Internet business model just isn't working as well as we'd like it to. I believe we are in a transition to one that will work and the business and sales models that emerge will be defined by those companies and individuals that innovate now and find new ways to drive revenue growth.

Here is one business and marketing strategy that might help carry you through this transition.

Every day, thousands of people decide they want to make a living on the Internet. The lure is powerful. They can be their own boss, work the hours they choose, and they have a real shot at building wealth. And, as you know, most of these people are nothing more than a new mark for someone peddling a worthless money-making scam.

What does this have to do with business strategy? Plenty!  They represent a resource you can use.

Most people who run traditional businesses on the Internet look unfavorably on the various MLM and affiliate opportunities most of the masses flock to. But there is something to be learned from them. Ask yourself how they attract people to their opportunities in the first place.

Looking a little deeper than promises of wealth, many provide a roadmap to working their program that even the newest of newbies can follow. Most of the people joining these programs do so because it is so much easier for them participate in them than it would be to start a more traditional business. In fact, most of them would have absolutely no idea how to start their own business.

A great number of these people are decent, hard-working individuals who are only looking for a chance to succeed. These are people you could help and who could help you.

You know your business well. I would venture to say you are an expert in your business. Could you teach others to sell your products for a commission? If you can't teach them to sell, can you teach them to make intelligent referrals? Can you pay a high enough commission to serve as an incentive to your affiliates and keep them motivated and active? Could you provide the training and structure they would need to be successful?

If you can do these things, why not resolve to become a mentor and recruit others to sell your products? You pay them only if they make a sale, and every sale they make is incremental in terms of your profits. Give them an option that is attractive and the worthy ones will choose you over the next get rich quick scheme any day.

You have to realize that you are already part of an MLM chain.  Before you get angry, let me explain.

As an example, if you sell retail products, your products are made by a manufacturer who sells them to a distributor who sells them to a wholesaler who sells them to you for retailing. You are on the fourth level of a multi-level marketing program. But there is no reason you can't expand the program to a fifth level by recruiting your own affiliates.

Always remember that the Internet is a tremendous communication medium that breaks down traditional world barriers. It makes it easier for you to do business and allows you to expand your geographical reach into new markets. But if you merely put up a storefront, promote it and make no effort to expand your influence, you are not using this medium to its full potential.  By using the Internet, you can recruit affiliates in other regions, even other countries, that you wouldn't be able to establish a relationship with otherwise.

Your task is to find ways to use this medium to your advantage given your specific business and product advantages and limitations. Do not rely on what everyone else is doing. That may or may not work for you. Innovate. Find new ways to get things done. Don't make the mistake of thinking an affiliate program wouldn't work with your business.

If the Internet is to eventually be scam-free, or as nearly so as possible, it will be because legitimate businesses make it possible for opportunity seekers to invest their time and money into productive activities to a much greater extent than they are able to today. Small businesses must lead this charge and, if they do, they will reap the benefits.

Individual opportunity seekers have a role to play also. If you are looking for additional sources of income, find a company you admire and whose products you believe you could sell.  Approach them with your own ideas for becoming their affiliate.  Work out the details you would like and give them a solid, well thought out proposal. They might love it and make you a sweetheart deal!

Yes, the economy is bad right now. But opportunities exist only where there are problems. Identify the solutions to people's problems and you will find yourself riding the crest of the next wave of Internet success.

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