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by: Anthony Stillwell

While I was visiting some message boards the other day an idea hit me after I saw a very detailed post left by another marketer. The post was full of resources and great information that if developed further would make one killer information product. Plus, the post was generating some GREAT feedback from the other forum visitors.

The feedback is what really stood out in my mind because it let me know that this is exactly the kind of information people are looking for!

What I did was approach the writer of that post and ask permission to add my own content to their information so that I could distribute it as a lead-generator that would attract MY target market. In other words... I was looking at a partially done information product that I could take and develop further without having to come up with a great idea myself!

The person who wrote the post I'm referring to gets Free Traffic out of me promoting their information so everyone wins. Since I know what my target market wants it would take no time to develop this information further.

Now Here's Where The Targeted Traffic Comes In

I could build on the information in the post to create a report that my target market would love and then I would do one or more of the following...

[1] Approach sites that have a good amount of traffic and offer them free customized PDF versions of the finished report. To do this I would have to know that the website owner I'm approaching generates the kind of traffic I want.

I would have to make sure that they cater to the same market. It does me NO good to get 5,000 visitors a month from people who have NO interest in the type of products I sell. Remember it's targeted traffic I'm after.

Of course the report will have visible links to my site, but also to the site of the person who created the basis for the report. A WIN-WIN situation is what you're after.

[2] I have an affiliate program. This means that I can let my affiliates use my new report to draw traffic to my site. They wouldn't actually get customized copies of the report. They would link to my site where I would give it away free to the people who join my mailing list.

I have it setup so that people joining my list get a 5-part email course promoting one of my products giving the affiliate who sent this person to my site credit if that sale is made.

Not only will this allow me to attract targeted traffic and more sales it will also allow me to build my list faster.

[3] I could combine this step with step 2. In addition to having affiliates send people to my site for the purpose of getting their hands on the report I developed I would have information about another report that can be had just for referring three people to my newsletter.

Information about this would be sent out after people have actually had a chance to read my newsletter. This can be done automatically with the service I use to automate my follow-ups:

[4] I could create a version of this report that can be customized by my affiliates (who have a financial incentive) to promote my site. This process can be automated with the various ebook creation programs out there that allow your work to be "branded" with information automatically.

[5] Submit my report download sites that attract Millions Of Visitors. Yes download sites accept well-written reports. Just make sure that what you're offering isn't a blatant advertisement and you'll be fine.

I know that a lot of the traffic I get from these download sites won't be very targeted, but some will be. In an earlier article I wrote that it sometimes doesn't matter if all your traffic is targeted if you get these "untargeted" people on your list.

You can always ASK your list what they want and then find or create that information for them.

That's what surveys are for:

Visiting forums and looking for information that YOU can use to develop powerful lead-generators without starting from scratch is just one simple idea out of hundreds that can easily double your traffic in less than a month.

People create outstanding articles and deliver great discussion board posts every single day. Ask your target market what they want then find someone who has already done most of the creating for you. Think of it as sort of a Joint Venture.

Sometimes you'll find great information that you can use to grow your business in the places most people generally overlook.  Products and ideas for products are everywhere so PAY ATTENTION!


Anthony Stillwell is the author of "Unlimited Free Traffic" and publisher of the EnterNet P R O F I T S newsletter where you'll get the hottest tips and the coolest resources to give you the advantage.


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