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by: Judi Singleton

When selling on the internet ask anyone who really knows and they will tell you that selling a backend product is where the money really is. You are looking for repeat customers they will make up most of your income.

Well what if you only sell one product? On the internet you have plenty of choices. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there. They are the perfect backend product. Find one that matches your site and what you are selling for instance I have an herb ezine I sell targeted advertising for alternative medicine sources. My perfect backend product for this site is an herb affiliate program or a vitamin program, a weight loss program. They are all perfect backend products for me. Any of these programs will bring you extra income with no extra work on you part. To make the most backend income you need to sell affiliate products that are related but not competitive to your
product or program.

The best way to sell repeat customers is to follow up on them.
However you don't want hard sell them. Your customers are your most valued asset and you should let them know this.

-Give them free stuff for instance I give them a free ad.
If there ad does not do too well I run it again.

-Give them discounts
If they buy an advertising package I give them discounts. I always try to give my loyal repeat customers a sale that no one else gets.

-Offer special bonuses you didn't advertise

Here's a sample outline to follow-up on your customers.

Message 1: Right after a purchase I follow-up with a thank you letting them know how they can get other products.

Message 2: 2 Days later- check up
Ask them if everything has gone well with the product and if they need any help this is where i ask my advertisers if they got good results from their ad. If not I run it again for free.

Message 3: 2 Days later- surprise bonus
In this email give them a special bonus that was not mentioned in your sales letter. I give them at this point a free article about themselves in my ezine. Not only do I get the pleasure of knowing who they are and what they sell but other subscribers get to know them. It gives my customer some good advertising. Win, Win.

Message 4 5 Days later- testimonial letter
Ask them what they though of your product, if they give you good comment ask if you can quote them. I have a lot of nice words come to me this way. Which gives me valuable testimonials.

Message 5- 2 weeks later I offer them a bonus product maybe a subscription to my paid ezine at a reduced rate. I have been allowed to get to know a lot of my loyal customers really well this way. Building a relationship is what it is all about. Be
authentic it comes through to the customers.


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