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The Secret To A Profitable Business!
by: Anthony Stillwell

I was recently asked if I could provide a step-by-step guide to making money on the Internet that goes into explicit detail of exactly what it takes for ANYONE to succeed.

The answer to that question is simply no and here's why...

You will not find ONE course that is complete in every way. You will not find ONE course that breaks down and analyzes every aspect of creating a profitable business on or off the Internet and the reason is two-fold.

- You wouldn't read a 5,000 page manual.

- Every person who has a successful business didn't do it the exact same way. Even if there WAS a course that detailed every click you needed to make, every step you needed to take... There would be no guarantee that it would work for you.

There IS however a "skeleton" (if you will) that most successful businesses are built on and it's the same one YOU can use to get the results you want.

ONE - An Existing Need or Strong Want

I know you hear it all the time, but it's worth repeating. "Find or create a need for a product before you write it or buy the rights to it". Just because it seems like everyone is selling "How To Make Money" information doesn't mean YOU have to.

The people who visit your site are the same ones who buy products from "The Home Shopping Network", sweets they know they shouldn't be eating and every type of fitness/self-improvement product out there. In other words they have interests outside of learning the "secrets" to making money.

Some of the things people buy online: - Mainly built around the "need" us guys have to own cool stuff. - I wish I could resist, but I can't. - Women love men with muscles and that's all the motivation I need. ;-) Why else would I willingly put a barbell across my chest that weighs 100+ pounds more than I do and lift it repeatedly? This site understands my "crazy need" to lift heavy things and has products that help me do it better.

Let people tell you what they want...

A simple way to find out what people want is to create a series of articles based on what you hear people constantly asking questions about and track the response. Use a tracking code in your articles to see which ones generate the most interest.

I know from feedback and traffic I get from some of the articles I've written that people are really interested in the subject matter and want to know more. When people show a strong interest in a subject I will either write a more detailed report or "hook up" with an affiliate program and offer people an 'extra' for buying through my affiliate link.

Other ways to peek inside the minds of your target market: - Use the search feature to find topics - Subscribe to newsletters that interest YOU and pay attention to what's being presented.

TWO - A Way To Reach The People Who Want What You Have.

This step is all about "The List". The one who controls the list controls his/her future. How many people (interested in the products you sell) can you reach in the next 10 minutes without SPAMMING? The answer to THAT question will determine if you and your business will be around in a year.

If you don't have a BIG list right now don't worry. It's really not about the size. It's about the focus.

When you locate people who tell you what they're looking for that's the ONLY time you should even consider creating or acquiring the rights to a product. You need an audience before you make sales. You have to get it out of your mind that you need to create a massive course on something before you can make money with your own product.

Think focused information.

* An example would be an article I wrote titled... "A Simple Way To Get Free Advertising". Since people wrote to me and told me how much they enjoyed this article I'm adding to it and putting it inside my membership site. Adding to this information doesn't mean diluting it's power. I'm adding relevant resources and making it easy for people to do what I suggest. Any product that gives people an easy way to implement the steps presented is a winner in my book.

This report also gives me another 'hot' button to push so that I can draw more people to my site when I advertise. And since my site is setup to capture leads it works well. I attract people interested in getting Free Advertising by using simple reports as bait.

Solo Ads get attention so here's a good place to start:

* How to do something specific with a software program. - There are hundreds of software programs out there that don't give any details on their various uses. Find out how to do something useful with any of these programs based on what you KNOW people want to learn how to do and there's a product.

A simple report on how to do something specific that fits in line with what people want is easy to produce and more importantly it puts you on the road to profits quickly. Check out download sites for popular software programs...

People download programs then have NO IDEA what to do with them.  Show them how to do something that helps their business or saves them time. Time is valuable so anything you can come up with to help people do something faster (save time) is valuable.

The best way to use a product like this to generate leads would be to let other people sell it for you. You can't sell the actual software program, but you CAN sell your information on what to do with the program.

The only thing you have to do is design your information so that the people who read it have to go to your site and give you their email address to get extra free information on the subject.

* How to get more out of a product you're an affiliate for. An example would be a product I'm an affiliate for that let's people create their own ebooks. This program also lets you create your own ebook icons, but doesn't give you the software to do it. I found the software so I show people how to use after they give me their email address.

People want condensed information that helps them achieve a goal, not a HUGE resource that leads them in every direction. gives you the name and email address of the people who order through your affiliate link.

The best way to approach this is to offer additional information to the people who buy through your link and have them contact you to get it. This keeps you out of trouble because THEY will make contact with YOU first. When you deliver your 'extra'... offer information on the same subject for joining your mailing list.

THREE - The Ability To Persuade Others

Words paint a picture in the minds of your potential customers.  It's not enough that you have what people want. You have to show them with words why they need what you're selling.

Great articles all about persuasion

You should also read... "It's Free and It Can Make You Money"

The ability to persuade is something that most people you see marketing online simply overlook. An "ugly" site with persuasive copy will outsell the "pretty" site with poor copy any day of the week. Learning how to write in a way that gets people excited about what you're offering is the single greatest thing you can do for your business.

The "secret" to a profitable business?

1) Find Out What People Want
2) Once You Have What They Want Get Them On Your Mailing List
3) Tell Them (In a compelling way) Why They Should Buy From You
4) Repeat, Repeat, Repeat


Anthony Stillwell is the author of "Unlimited Free Traffic" and publisher of the EnterNet P R O F I T S newsletter where you'll get the hottest tips and the coolest resources to give you the advantage.


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