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by: Cary Christian

If you're feeling charitable, you're probably thinking that the title of this article is somewhat bold. If you're not in the mood for charity you're probably thinking something much stronger than I can mention in a "G" rated ezine!

There's a lot of talk online about "insider secrets" and techniques the gurus use that we mere mortals just aren't privy to. The truth of the matter is the gurus rely on a foundation of solid marketing principles that are available to us all. They've just practiced them and developed their talents to the point where they are expert in the application of marketing techniques.

Few gurus will hold anything back when asked how they achieve success. For the most part, they are most willing teachers. But do the students really listen?

The foundation of your success online is dependent on your building the following:

1. Your own website,
2. Your own opt-in list,
3. Your own products,
4. Resource contacts and online business partners, and
5. Links to your site from complementary sites.

It takes a while to build these things, but if you work at it each day you'll get it done and will eventually reap the benefits.

Marketing is the glue that helps you build your foundation and grow your business. It is an acquired skill. Some are naturally better at than others. It requires the ability to write and an understanding of the psychological cues that make people want to join your list or buy from you.

Home business marketers are presented with a dizzying array of advertising options, both free and paid. Choosing the right marketing medium can often spell the difference between success and failure. And that's where the big "secret" comes in.

There are several marketing sources that can be identified as the staples of Internet marketing. They are:

1. Search engine positioning or placement,
2. Ezine advertising,
3. Marketing to your own opt-in list,
4. Pay-per-click search engines,
5. Email campaigns using "rented" lists.

Almost every other form of marketing is either a variation of these or complementary in nature.

Most new marketers do not use any of these five marketing methods because they cost money. They are drawn instead to all of the free marketing methods that crop up day after day. They do not understand that most free marketing is simply useless and a complete waste of time.

The real secret of Internet marketing is a concept that is out in plain site but recognized by very few who are new to marketing. The secret is (drum roll, please):

"Paid marketing methods are free."

Think about it. Use a free marketing method and click your life away earning credits that translate into views of your website. The problem is, the people viewing your site are only interested in getting credits for themselves. They're not paying attention to your site when it is shown.

Or how about posting to safelists? The people you are mailing to are dumping their safelist email into a junk folder just like you are. Very few safelist emails will ever be read.

Yes, these methods are free of monetary charge, but they utilize a great deal of your time that could be better spent elsewhere. And they don't work! So you don't make sales.

Now look at the flipside. You spend $50 on a pay-per-click engine and it brings you, say, 500 targeted visitors who are interested in what you have to sell. One in a hundred buy your product and you earn $20 on each sale. You make $100. From that point in time, you will never spend another dime on paid marketing methods and you've already got your money back! If you want to grow slowly, put $50 in your pocket, $50 back into your PPC campaign, and do it all over again. Want to grow faster? Put the whole $100 back into PPC marketing.

That's the way paid marketing works. You're out of pocket for a short period of time in the beginning, but once you start making sales, your profits are paying for your advertising. Understand this and you're well on your way to success.

So why are there so many free marketing programs out there? Here's secret number 2:

You join a free program and what happens? Nearly every day you'll receive an email from the program's promoters. They're presented as updates or helpful information, but you'll also notice they start beating on you to upgrade to pro for increased benefits (and money to them) and many of them will start marketing other programs to you in these emails. If you unsubscribe, you leave the program, so you are a captive audience.

What's happened here? In exchange for providing you with a garbage traffic program that doesn't work, they've added you to THEIR opt-in list! Remember that building your opt-in list is one of the pillars of your foundation for success? Well, they're doing that. They're concentrating on solid fundamental marketing principles while luring you AWAY from them!

So there you have it: two secrets for the price of one. As obvious as the nose on your face but ignored by the 95 percent of people who fail in their attempts at building a business online. Make sure you're in the five percent group.

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