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The One Thing Most People Forget!
by: Anthony Stillwell


Remember that word. There is no ONE WAY to do things online. You
always have to test to see what works and what doesn't. The
sites and businesses that pull in profits year after year always
test as many variables as possible to make sure they're using
their time in the most productive ways.

Here are a few things you can test:

1) Your Newsletter

I'm currently testing the Original Content format for my
newsletter because I wanted to know if writing my own content
would make a noticeable difference in the number of people who
read or more importantly pay attention to what I write.

The results have been great so far.

To get some hard evidence I sent out an email recently pointing
my subscribers to a "Refer-A-Friend" script. Mostly I was
curious about how many people would take the time to submit the
form and how many would use real email addresses.

After going through the first 100 or so entries I discovered
that not only did the overwhelming majority of my subscribers
use email addresses that were NOT their own to refer my site
they also used the "Add Your Own Comments" box to write in a
personal endorsement for "EnterNet P R O F I T S".

This is really what I was after. Feedback. You see it makes no
sense for me to take the time to write information I feel would
help people in their business and give it to them for FREE if
they don't appreciate it. Since I'm currently satisfied with the
results of publishing original content this format stays for now.

How much value do your subscribers put on your time and the
effort you put into trying to help them through your newsletter
and/or the other products and services you provide? There comes
a time when you really need to know this.

If you're currently just publishing articles by other authors,
try putting a little of yourself out there. Be a real person. If
you do nothing more than add a "Message From The Editor" and
ramble on about something that's on your mind it should get your
reader's attention.

Try different formats... Add harder to find articles instead of
the ones everyone else publishes... And write some of your own
material every once and a while. This may be the thing that
turns your newsletter around. You'll never know if you just
settle for what you already have. If you want better results
from your newsletter... "Do something about it!"

2) Pop-Ups

Say or believe what you will about them. They flat out work. I
test them constantly on my site and not only do people NOT
complain... pop-ups are responsible for a majority of my sales.

The way my pop-ups are structured... A person has to leave my
site without ordering to get them or they have to come to my
site through one of the free ebooks or reports I have
circulating the net. All of my pop-ups are used to collect leads.

Two rules:

* Limit the graphics

* Offer something free.

Offer something valuable for free in exchange for joining your
mailing list... Then follow-up until people buy. Forget what
some people say about pop-ups. They don't know what will work
for you. The ONLY way you will know for certain is to TEST!

3) Price - This Is Important!

This is something I continue to test. Basically I keep raising
my price until the market tells me "HEY... That's High Enough".
Doing that one thing lets me find my ideal price and keeps me in
the profit. Once my limit is established I keep adding value to
my product until it's worth far more than my asking price no
matter HOW high that is.

It's not just about how much money you can make by testing your
price. It makes no sense to sell a product for $29 when you
could easily be selling it for $49. Just make sure that the
price you charge is less than the actual value people get from it.

4) Upsells

"The Deluxe Edition" -- You could have two versions of the same
product. A Basic and a Deluxe Edition. Paul Hartunian does this
with his Free Publicity Course. It works like this: You see a
product you want to buy then you see that you can get X amount
more for only an extra 40% more. At this point you don't even
see the total price of the Deluxe Package. You only see how much
more it costs than the Basic.

For example: You're buying a $100 product and the Deluxe version
is only $30-$40 more. The original $100.00 you were going to pay
doesn't enter your mind when you see that the Deluxe costs $140.
You say to yourself... "Well, it's only $40 more than I was
going to spend anyway." This is basically Free Money to the
seller and you can do the exact same thing on your site.

Upsell At the Time Of Purchase -- I've seen this done by very
well-known marketers online for years and if they've been doin'
it for years it must be working. In fact one of them reported
that he was getting a full 60% of his customers to take him up
on his upsell! Here's an example of what he does.

You get to the order form, fill it out and then there's a small
check box that asks if you would like to order the "Gold
Edition" for only $30 more. As I said... "He's getting 60% of
the people that buy to order the "Gold Edition". He goes from a
$60+ product to a $90+ product without any extra effort...

Scenario - 100 Customers. If 60% of them go for the upsell
that's 60 people x $90 which equals... $5,400. The remaining 40
people x $60 = $2,400. The total gross sales is: $7,800.

Let's look at this without the upsell. One hundred customers at
$60 = $6,000. The difference between the $7,800 above and $6,000
is $1,800. This means that without the upsell... this marketer
would lose close to $2,000 per 100 customers.

Save Money Upsell -- Let's say you're offering a product that
your customers are paying for on a monthly basis. Access to a
monthly paid ezine for example that sells for $19.95 per month.
At the time of purchase you could state that if they order for a
Full Year they can save 20%, but only if they chose this option
Now. So instead of getting $19.95 a month (or $239.40 a year)
you would get $180.72 up front, plus any money you make by
promoting offers within your paid site.

Let's say that 10% of your customers take you up on your offer.
100 sales in a month. You get 90 customers at $19.95 and 10 at
$180.72. Your 90 customers brought in $1,795.50 while just 10
customers at $180.72 brought in $1,807.20. Something to think

The Affiliate Upsell -- If you don't have a product to upsell
you can use an affiliate program for this purpose. Chose a
program that is very closely related to the product your
customer just bought. When you deliver your product, endorse the
affiliate product on another page on your site that you have
created specifically to sell that program.

Make sure that you only promote this program to your new
customers and not just any and everyone that hits your site.
Your recommendation is more credible that way.

The bottom line is that you NEED to know for sure what works and
what doesn't for your particular business if you want to be
successful. Test, Test and then Test again!

Anthony Stillwell is the author of "Unlimited Free Traffic"
and publisher of the EnterNet P R O F I T S newsletter where
you'll get the hottest tips and the coolest resources to give
you the advantage.


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