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by: Anthony Stillwell

A lot of what you need to know about writing powerful, order-pulling ad copy can be learned for free if you have a little patience.

I have written sales letters that have brought in up to a 10% to 12% response rate to my product offers and I've been offered paid copywriting jobs. Now you would think that I've spent tons of money on "How To Write Killer Ad Copy" courses trying to learn all I could about the "art of the written word", but that's not the case at all.

Don't get me wrong. Those types of courses certainly have their place, but that's not the route I took. Starting from scratch with no money for courses like that and a real need to learn how to sell I just sat and waited for tens of thousands of dollars worth of proven copywriting secrets to be handed to me just like YOU can.


Well... nearly every kind of market you can think of has magazines and other publications devoted to it. Take the "Business Opportunity" field for example. There are dozens and dozens of magazines you can buy related to just this ONE market.

Get off the computer and buy some magazines.

All you have to do is look for the "Classified Ads" section and whenever you see an ad offering something for free... send away for it. At one point I was getting POUNDS of mail a day by doing this and loving every minute of it.

You see unlike the Internet... advertising in the "real world" costs money. People advertising by mail either make money or they stop doing it. You can see first hand what's working and what's not simply by letting the people who are actually out there testing and spending their own money show you how it's done.

After you send away for all the free offers you can find you'll find that your name has been put on mailing lists to get even more offers. You'll get Free Offers and Sales Letters relentlessly for a couple of months.

This is actually a good thing. When you take the time to read the so-called "junk mail" you get you'll start to see the kind of advertising that works. You will be able to spot what's great about a sales letter and what isn't. You'll be able to use proven techniques that other marketers have spent months testing on the advertising YOU do.

Organize your mail into what's called a "Swipe File" 

All Profitable Sales Letters Have...

[1] A Benefit Rich "Here's Why My Product Should Interest You Headline" that Practically Forces It's Readers To Pay Attention.  Does your website have a strong headline or just your company logo. There's a thing called an "attention span" and most people don't have much of one.

If your website doesn't get attention within the first couple of seconds someone hits your site then most people will just leave.

[2] Enough copy to tell the whole story. People will read a 16-page sales letter IF it's written with the reader in mind.  It's not about YOU and what YOU think or want. It's about what your readers think and about what they want.

Powerful sales letters and ads are all about the benefits of owning your product. I've read 16-page sales letters cover to cover and thrown out single page flyers. Ad copy that's centered around what your reader wants to read gets read no matter how long it is.

[3] Bullets that scream... "Hey you... Here's why you should order this product. Bullets can in some cases make or break your sales letter. Bullets are simply mini-headlines one after another that give your reader more and more reasons to buy your product.

I've even seen people go to the extreme and send me sales letters that were 95% bullet points. I mean they just went on forever. They got the sale from me so I guess that works. ;-)

[4] Strong testimonials. The fact of the matter is that you'll say anything about your product to make a sale. The people who buy from you don't have money to gain by saying nice things about you or your products. Your potential customers want to know what other people think BEFORE they buy.

You can get testimonials for your products by giving review copies away asking for feedback. Ask for feedback and NOT testimonials because you WANT to know if people don't like your product so you can correct problems and make what you're selling just that much better.

If you've created a quality product you shouldn't have any problems in the testimonials department.

[5] Reasons Why. Why should YOU get my money when there are other similar products out there? When you start getting offers by mail you'll get all kinds of ideas on how you can make your products stand out even if your product is basically the same as everyone else's.

While I was surfing around I found this:

You'll see why it's important to tell more about the product you sell. There are things about your product that YOU take for granted, but "HEY... Everybody Doesn't Know What You Know About Your Products!" Tell people what your competitors don't!

[6] There's the close. The "TAKE ACTION NOW" part of the letter.
You can give people all the reasons in the world to do business with you, but if you don't ask for the sale you might not get it. Don't beg and don't be shy. Tell people what you want them to do. If you know that your product will help people achieve a goal then you should have no problems asking for their money.

[7] And let's not forget the P.S. Yes people do pay attention to this online. You can use this part of your sales letter to give people that extra little push they may need to order or you can just bribe 'em with an exclusive bonus of some kind.

The last second P.S. bonus is something that I've found to work very well. It's best to add a bonus that fits in directly with your product. An example would be a course I sell on getting Free Advertising online. The P.S. talks about a report on how to get top 20 search engine positioning without submitting your site.

That kind of bonus lets me push another one of my prospects 'hot buttons' and increases my chances for making the sale.

Last but Certainly Not Least... Testing. The most important thing you can do is test to see what works best. There's a lot of testing going on in mail-order and you get to watch it for free. Just one simple change to your sales letter can increase your sales instantly.

The bottom line is that you have to be willing to look outside of the Internet for the answers to your website troubles. Effective advertising existed BEFORE the Internet and continues to exist in spite of it. Pay attention to it. Take advantage of what you can learn from mail-order and get an advantage most of your "Internet Marketing Competitors" overlook.

Anthony Stillwell is the author of "Unlimited Free Traffic" and publisher of the EnterNet P R O F I T S newsletter where you'll get the hottest tips and the coolest resources to give you the advantage.


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