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Late Night T.V. Gurus Reveal Their Secrets!
by: Anthony Stillwell

If you've ever stayed up late and watched TV then I'm sure you have seen the "Late Night Infomercial Gurus" selling the "secrets" to getting unbelievably rich. No matter what you think about what these guys are offering... What they DO flat out works!

Here's what I mean...

You have to understand that the $39.95 money-making packages make the creators of these packages NO MONEY. They are created for ONE reason and that's to get you to raise your hand and identify yourself as a prospect who's willing to spend money.

Once you buy this initial "money-making" package you'll get a few follow-up calls with special offers to buy products that do make it's creator some money. You sometimes even get a pitch to buy a higher priced product while you're ordering their lead-generator.

Here's how you can apply the formula yourself...

Step 1 - Create A Lead-Generator

The mistake most people make when they want to make money is to go for the BIG sale up-front. While this does work you miss out on the "little" sales along the way. You need a lead-generator.

If you're not sure what to use as a lead-generator a simple report works or a short ebook works just fine. In a previous article titled... "An Easy Way To Get Free Advertising" I reveal a simple way to get a lead-generator without creating it from scratch. You can get this article at my site below.

One lead-generator I use is an ebook "7 Secrets To Unlimited Traffic". It sends people to my site to buy my low-cost front end product and puts me in a position to sell higher priced products to the people who have already identified themselves as interested in a certain area.

The ebook brings people in for free and gives them information on getting traffic which directly ties into the free advertising course I sell. You don't always have to sell the product you're using to generate leads with. Just use it to get people to respond to your low-cost offer.

Another way to create your lead-generator would be to compile a list of resources that would be useful to your target market.  Let's say you're selling (through an affiliate program) a product on "Creating 'Hot' Information Products". Well creating products requires you to do some research.

You could compile a list of places to do online research and show people how to use these research sites to create resource guides that can be sold or used to generate leads. You could call your report... "Create Money Out Of Thin Air... Deliver What People Want To Buy In 7 Days Or Less!".

Collect email addresses in exchange for your report and then follow the next step...

Step 2 - Follow-up with products related to your lead-generator

1) Your Free or low-cost lead-generator. You want people to "stand up" and identify themselves as being interested in a certain area. Capture their email address with permission.

2) Once you've gotten prospects to identify themselves as a potential customer you want to keep in contact with these people to offer related products and services.

Two-Steps... That's It.

The Late Night TV Gurus don't always create the products they recommend you buy after you buy their initial low-cost product.  Usually they work out deals with people who have already created  products just like you can with affiliate programs.

They just generate leads and follow-up with those leads to offer  related products and services.

The point I'm trying to get across is to not only do what the successful marketers say, but also do what they do. Always keep yourself open to new ideas and try to see the bigger picture. I used late night TV as an example of what's successfully being done, but if you look closely many of the people that are making money online use the two steps I just gave you above and nothing more.

1) Generate Leads
2) Follow-up with products related to your lead-generator

And repeat...

Something else interesting also happens once you get into the TV  guru's income stream. You'll not only get other offers from them, but you'll also get offers from other marketers because your name and address has been added to an "Opportunity Seeker" list and sold.

If you read an earlier article I wrote titled... "It's Free and It Can Help You Make Money" you will see why this is a GOOD thing. No I'm not suggesting that you sell the leads you generate. You're going to build your list with the lead-generator you create so that you can Joint Venture with people who create products you want to sell to your list.

The money is in the list.

If you have "The List" you can work out special offers for your list and even get the people who create the products you want to offer to give YOUR list "extras" for buying products through YOU. It all starts with generating leads.

I had a customer of mine complaining that the leads she was generating were NOT buying her product. I told her that it didn't matter if those people bought HER product or not because they WILL buy something. That's what affiliate programs are for.  Generate the leads first and "worry" about what to sell them later. If nothing else you can always ASK what types of products and services they want.

Then you would either create this product or find someone who has already done the work for you and strike up a deal to sell their product to your list.

Be willing to look anywhere and everywhere for ideas and strategies that are working. It costs money to advertise on television so the fact that you see the same pitches over and over again for the same "money-making" products means that someone somewhere is making money.

Your next "breakthrough" idea may come from the most unlikely places. Keep your eyes open.

Always ask yourself "WHY does that work?" when you see someone  doing something successfully. To be honest I've bought a lot of what you see on late-night television and some of the products are a complete waste of time and money.

But, even the people selling terrible products still consistently make money with the simple two-step formula above so if you're actually offering a product that's worth something then just imagine what you could do.

Anthony Stillwell is the author of "Unlimited Free Traffic" and publisher of the EnterNet P R O F I T S newsletter where you'll get the hottest tips and the coolest resources to give you the advantage.


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