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by: Cary Christian

Do you ever spend any time thinking about the ironies of life? You know, situations like the following:

A man goes to the bank to get a loan. However, his credit has been damaged due to some unfortunate circumstances so the bank turns him down. He could put his life back in order and clean up his credit if he got the loan, and without it, he might find himself ruined. If he didn't need the money, the bank would give him the loan. Because he needs it, he can't get it.

Marketing on the Internet represents a similar type of irony. Quite often, the more you try to sell, the less you sell. Now this is not true in all cases because you have to sell at some point in the process. But if you try to sell too early, it won't happen!


If your business consists of selling as an affiliate you may be facing this marketing irony on a daily basis. In a typical affiliate relationship, you have a website to promote. Normally it is a sales oriented website and all affiliates are directing traffic to this same site.

This works well for the company that owns the affiliate program. They get the traffic, they get the customer information, if a mailing list is built, it is built to their benefit, and of course, they're getting large profits as a result of all the affiliate activity.

It does not work so well for you. You become just another fish in a very large ocean. Carving out your fair share of sales is a tough proposition at best, and at worst, a totally lost cause.

The answer for you is preselling. It is the only way to set yourself apart from the crowd and gain some control over your end of the business. How do you presell?

First of all, you must have your own website. I don't know how many of you have one, but if you're serious about making any money online, you simply cannot do without it. If you're still struggling to try to make it without a site, give it up and get over to  where you can get the whole package, including your site, your domain name, search engine positioning, and everything else you need for one very reasonable price.

Now, use your new site to to presell your opportunities. Don't send visitors to the affiliate site. Send them to yours. Tell them about your opportunity in your own words. Sweeten the deal for them if they buy through you. Sign them up to YOUR mailing list, not the affiliate site's list. Take control of the sales process.

Make your site interesting enough for your visitors to bookmark your site and come back to you. Incorporate an autoresponder so you can market to them after the visit. When they're ready to buy you'll pass them through to the affiliate site, but not before you've made them YOUR customer.

This is not a difficult process to put in place and run. But surprisingly, few affiliates follow through and do it. If you will commit to this process and work at it to do it right, you will eventually find yourself in that five percent of affiliates who actually make a living online. It's as simple as that.

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