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by: Wendy Hearn

What is your vision? How is this vision communicated to inspire you and your organisation? You don't have a clear and powerful vision? Join the club. When I'm working with individuals, I've noticed that generally they fall into two distinct categories regarding having a strong vision. Either they've never really had the opportunity to understand the concept of having or defining their vision. Or they have a vision statement because they think they 'should'. Remember, 'shoulds' represent other people's expectations and therefore not things to which you a personally committed.

The one thing I've noticed in my work is that very few individuals or organisations really harness the power generated by a strong vision. Clear definition of your vision acts as a magnet to pull you forward in the direction you truly want to take. Your vision provides inspiration for you and, if communicated well to your team or organisation, inspires them too.

What do you refer to when you want to make decisions, when you have to decide which opportunities to say 'yes' or 'no' to, or which direction to go with your business? When you have a strong vision in place and refer to it regularly, it helps to resolve the conflict which can occur within you.

Teams or organisations who have a powerful vision, inspire individuals to pull together. It's so much easier for everyone when they all know clearly where they're heading.

Many organisations publish mission statements but often, these hold no real meaning for the individuals within the organisation. A strong vision and a clear mission statement go together like 'bread and butter'. The components of a mission statement stem from having a clear vision to start the process. Individuals and organisations can define their mission and purpose with more meaning and clarity if they are provided with a powerful vision. A strong vision challenges people to achieve more and encourages them to think 'out of the box'. It inspires you and the people you work with.

Your vision is unique to you and will vary from individual to individual. It propels you forward naturally, rather than relying on motivation alone, which doesn't usually last. A vision helps to keep you on track and focused on where you're heading. What I want for you is a vision which grabs you so strongly that it stretches you way beyond your current
position. I've found that with a strong vision there isn't the need to strive so hard and the energy required doesn't drain you so much. It allows you to focus on your achievements in the present because a vision doesn't have an end which you reach, like a goal. The energy generated by a vision is much healthier and requires less of a struggle. A vision draws on your natural energy which comes from within you because this is where your vision sits. When aligned with your values, a vision and a mission statement feel truly yours and right for you. In short, a perfect fit.

If you have a vision for your organisation, I encourage you to consider this. If 3 of your top employees were asked to share your vision, would they be able to? If not, what would it take to communicate this throughout the organisation? What benefits do you see for your employees in clearly understanding your vision?

Many times, people say "I wish", but unfortunately wishing alone rarely makes things happen. However, a strong vision can really accomplish a great deal, and often more than you'd dared to dream of.

What I want is for you to define a strong vision and a mission
statement. Are you ready to do this?

Wendy Hearn
Personal and Professional Coach

She works with business owners, professionals, executives and
managers who are ready to enrich their lives. . . finding more
success, fun, balance, joy and time. She coaches one-to-one with individuals and groups by telephone and email. 

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