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Part 3 of a 3 Part Series


In Part 1 of this series we discussed how to pick a great domain name, and in Part 2 we reviewed where to register and how to manage them. In this the final section, we're going to discuss some uses for multiple domains.

Before you become a "domain connoisseur," you need to understand the advantages of owning more then one domain and what you can do with them:

1) Redirects: Maybe when you registered your site there were other names you liked as well, or perhaps you registered the .net version of your name. It's very easy to point these names to your existing site so when someone types in one of these alternate domain names in their browser, they'll still wind up at your site.

For example or

will both take you to the same place. Your web host can set this up for you. Some charge a small monthly fee for this service. You can use these alternate names in your advertising.

If your name can be easily misspelled, make sure to register any variations and redirect them to your site. This will also keep your competitors from registering them and infringing on your traffic, while sending all those who can't spell to the right place.

Remember that other domain names don't have to point to your main page; they can be forced to point to certain pages or sections of your site as you deem fit.

2) Mini Sites: By monitoring hot trends online you can quickly register a domain name and design a mini site around one product or service. If promoted correctly, mini sites can be good residual money makers. These are great for pushing and making affiliate sales.

3) Domains as Commodities: Some people buy domains simply to resell them at a profit. If you purchase the right names, it is possible to sell them to the highest bidder. Selling domains at auction sites has increased in popularity and is a great way to move your domain inventory. Some of the better known auction sites are: 
One of the most popular places for buying and selling domains. You'll have to upgrade to an Exchange Membership for $49.00
No membership fee to list your domains, but you'll pay a 15% commission fee to them if you sell.
They actually have a section for selling your domain names. Upon entering Ebay, do a search in the search box for "domains."

Before putting your domains up for sale, you may want to have them appraised so you know what they're worth. You'll find many appraisal services online to help you do just that.
Appraisals start at only 6.95 and go up to 14.95 for an analysis that includes a hard copy.
Domain appraisals start out at only $20.00

4) Shrink Them: Despite your best efforts to come up with a name that's short and concise, you may end up settling for something longer then you'd like. There are free services you can use to shorten them into something more manageable. When these new links are pasted into a browser they go to your site. If you're promoting any kind of associate program, these types of services come in extra handy for dealing with those extra long domain names they give you. They also help to hide the fact that you're
using an affiliate link. 
I love this service. Just paste your long domain into the window and it spits out a version so short you won't believe it's possible. Great for using in your ezine to break long domain links into shorter ones so they don't break off in unexpected places.
Shorl offers not only url shortening but statistics as to how many people click on your new short name.
Make shorter link is another free service where you just type in your long url and click the "make shorter link" button and you're set.

As you can see, there's more to domains then meets the eye. As you find yourself collecting more and more names you need to be aware of all of the creative ways you can use them in your daily business. Sell them, shorten them, redirect them; but above all, use them in your online ventures and you'll generate more income.

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