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by Kevin Bidwell

Have you heard this joke? Two women-college roommates who hadn't seen each other in years-run into each other at the mall. "What's going on?" asks the first. The second answers, "Well, I'm getting married this year." "Really? Who's the lucky guy?" inquires the first. "Once I find him, I'll let you know" (Insert rim-shot here).

Not a particularly funny joke, but I tell it to make a point-some things come before others. If you are going to get married, find the person before you set the date.

The same is true of choosing a product to market on the Internet.

The typical scenario goes something like this: Joe, our budding Internet entrepreneur, decides that he has the most wonderful product (or opportunity) in the world. He decides to promote it on the Internet. Joe puts together his sales page, sets up his web site and waits.

No sales.

The reason that Joe has no sales is that he has gotten everything backwards.

How do you go about choosing a product that sells?

First you have to find a market niche.

The problem with our friend Joe is that he picked a product and then tried to find a market. What he should have done instead was to FIND A MARKET AND THEN GET A PRODUCT TO FILL IT.

If you want to find a product to market, you start by first seeing what people are looking for already. Go to:

there you will find a resource that will help you to discover what word searches are being done on the Internet and how many individual web sites are catering to that particular keyword. You are looking for words that have a HIGH SEARCH FREQUENCY with LOW COMPETITION.

Once you have found some search terms that fit the profile, then you want to find a product that will appeal to people who are searching under that term.

You can use a drop-shipped product. You can find those at:

At that site you can see a catalog of products you can offer without carrying any inventory.

If you want to find an affiliate program, you can go to

There will you find a list of products that you can offer as an affiliate and earn a commission on each sale.

Either way you should be able to find a product or service that can "fit" your market niche. The bigger the niche, the bigger the money you will make.

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