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by: Judi Singleton

I started my first ezine in 1998, I still have that ezine. I have always written about half of my articles. I also use guest articles but writing articles and getting them published not only in my ezine but others ezines and websites has been the best advertising I have ever done.

When I first started my website I just put up what interested me. This made for and still does make for lots of subjects. I soon started an ezine one almost for each of these interests I have. It did two things for me it gave me my own targeted market for advertising but it gave me a forum for all my interests. The ezines began to pull my websites and domains together. I was able to send my writing to more varied ezines.

I submitted my articles to every article announce I could find.
I also joined a article exchange with about 500 other ezine publishers. I joined articles by autoresponder, Tracie Johansen program it really got me response. For a small fee I could submit 15 articles and Tracie sent them out for me to other publishers.

Here is her program

I joined another program that sent out my articles called They have a data base of articles and send them out to other publishers.

e Ezine Publishers Database is dedicated to helping ezine publishers grow their subscriber list, and develop more business.

Here is another one I joined and it helped me a great deal they had a database for articles and sent them
out for me.

I also joined a lot of ezines and read them. This did two things for me. One I just learned so much about doing business on the web. It also gave me a place to send my articles for review. As long as I was a subscriber most publishers wanted articles and I could send them an article for their consideration.

Write in your own words you don't have to be a professional writer to write for the internet. Make it a goal to write so many articles a week.

I have six ezines so I write a minimum of six articles a week.
Make a effort to market your articles weekly. Start now and be persistent. It is the best form of free advertising there is for a website or an ezine.


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