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By Jason Potash

Affiliates are like buffalo.

Buffalo? Let me explain.

Back in the days of the wild west, Natives used to round up herds of buffalo on foggy days and make them run straight for a cliff.

The buffalo in front could not stop in time. As for the rest of the herd, they were simply looking at the tail in front of them.

Is this the same approach you are taking to making money with affiliate programs? Follow the herd and hope for the best?

Are you reading the same old articles, ebooks, affiliate magic tricks, pay-per-click millionaire by Christmas, hocus-pocus puffery?


And much like those poor buffalo who never saw it coming, you are setting yourself up for the same fate.

That is, unless you keep reading ;-)

Are You An Affiliate "Traffic Cop"?

If you have links on your website that link to affiliate products, then you are really nothing more than a traffic cop. You work hard to generate traffic to your site. Then, you simply pass on that traffic to an affiliate site (for free).

Sure, you might get a few orders here and there, but here's what you are really missing out on.

1. Repeat Traffic

Here's how it works. Once a person visits a site (via your affiliate link), they might return in the next few days or weeks. Not to your site, but to the affiliate product's site. The affiliate merchant gets the benefit of repeat traffic, not you.

If the visitor starts clicking on a few more links, they might visit other websites from the same company. They might even buy another product as a result.

Your commission = ZERO

Wait, it gets worse ...

This same visitor may sign up for the same affiliate program and order through their own affiliate link. Or, they may order several products from the same vendor over the course of a year.

Your commission = ZERO

So, here's the reality ...

You just spent X dollars and/or Y hours to generate Z hits to your website. Those visitors visit your site and you (the traffic cop) pass them along to other sites (for free).

As a result, you don't have their email address, you don't know who they are, they haven't returned back to your site, and you just lost a sale since they ordered through their own affiliate link.

Are you beginning to get the picture?

You might as well wear a sandwich board that says "Big Macs Rule. Try one today!" and parade around outside your local McDonald's.

Some people may give you credit for sending them in. Most won't. The manager may even give you a free meal. In the end, you'll be no worse off than with your current affiliate marketing efforts (see X,Y,Z example above).

This brings us to our next point.

2. Loyal Subscribers

If given the choice of traffic or subscribers, I'll take subscribers any day.


It's simple. Traffic is anonymous. You can't truly control traffic. You can't *make* visitors return to your website 3,4 or 7 times.

However, when you have subscribers, the rules completely change.

You know your subscribers by first name. You can send them an ezine every week. You can persuade them to visit your website on demand by sending a one paragraph email.

Not to mention, if you build a bond with your subscribers, they will buy from you again and again. One subscriber can easily be worth over $300 a year to you.

And since you already have traffic to your site, turning these visitors into subscribers is easy.

1. Create a pop-up

A pop-up window on your website is an easy way to capture

2. Create a "subscribe" box on your website

Just add a simple subscribe box that allows visitors to add their first name, email address and press "subscribe". I witnessed one webmaster generate 40+ subscribers per day by adding a subscribe box and the words "subscribe to our list".

No details, no freebies. no big promises ... you can't get much simpler than this. Add a special free-report or mini-course with subscription and your results will be even better.

3. Start an ezine

If you are planning to build a long term (and profitable) relationship with your subscribers, you cannot blast them with solo ads every day.

An ezine provides the perfect medium to give your subscribers valuable content, articles, tips, etc. In return, they won't mind if you promote the odd product to earn a few bucks.

So there you have it. Some simple techniques for creating your own traffic and subscriber fishing net. Start trapping all that lost traffic, grow your subscribers, start an ezine, and watch those affiliate checks JOLT over the next few months.

Unless of course, you're happy just being one of the herd


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