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by: Cary Christian

If you are relatively new to doing business online, you are probably struck by the vast array of traffic systems, online tools, search engines, banner programs, and other programs in every flavor imaginable that claim to help you find success online.

I know that it gets confusing. What works and what doesn't? How can you best use the resources that are available? You only have a certain number of hours available each day, how do you make sure you're not wasting your time?

If you spend the time to study what the most successful marketers are doing, you'll find striking similarities in all their business plans. Most of what works online has been working for years, and will continue to work for years. Most everything else is either experimental or supplementary to those methods that are tried and true.

There are really five tools you need to develop in order to build a foundation that will ultimately assure your success. It's no great secret, and we alluded to them last week, but their importance is frequently underestimated by new marketers. So what are they?


The thousands of affiliate programs online will lead you to believe that the generic website they give you is all you need to generate a large online income. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In most cases, if you follow the marketing plan laid out by your affiliate program, you're doomed to failure. You'll be marketing a site that thousands of other affiliates are marketing and will get lost in the clutter.

Even if you market only through affiliate programs, you need your own website. Your site will allow you to stand out from the crowd and will greatly facilitate your building your own opt-in list. It will also make it possible for you to gradually begin to introduce your own products, which is where the REAL money lies.


Don't confuse an opt-in list with an ezine. You don't have to be able to produce a full newsletter to utilize an opt-in list. Find yourself a niche you know something about and find a way to give your subscribers tips or information they can use on a regular basis that allows you to stay in touch. You can start out really simple, just make sure you give them something of value.

The top marketers maintain opt-in lists that contain tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers. If they need to generate an additional $20,000 of income over the weekend, a simple mailing to their list can usually accomplish this task. Isn't that something to aspire to? Doesn't that potential make it worth finding something of value you can provide to your own list?

But you'll never have such a list if you never start building it. So why not start now?


If you really want to succeed, you'll need to develop your own products sooner or later. It's true that some people make six figure incomes annually pushing affiliate programs only, but that is the exception, not the rule.

Just remember that you don't have to actually create the product yourself. You can farm that out. You just need to identify your niche and the product they're looking for. Fill that need and you're on your way to profit.


I'm always amazed at how helpful most people online are. There are so many talented and giving people out there who are willing to help you in any way they can. These contacts are of tremendous importance to you. As you get to know them and learn from them, you should aspire to reach the point where you can joint venture products or projects with them. At the very least, you will develop relationships that will allow you to get things done relatively inexpensively.

Take every opportunity to develop and nourish these relationships!


Ultimately, targeted traffic will determine if your site is profitable or not. Two ways to get targeted traffic is to rank highly in the search engines and to have lots of links from complementary sites pointing to your site.

Links to your site help you in two ways:

1. You'll get traffic directly from the links, and

2. You'll score better with the search engines as your link popularity grows.

It is critical that you realize that all links are not created equal! The links must be from sites that are similar to your site conceptually and they should be from quality sites. Never use a "link farm" in an attempt to build link popularity. It will backfire on you.

And there you have it! Five simple staples that form the foundation of a successful Internet business. I've gone through them quickly here, but you can read about these concepts and much more in great detail in my new book, "How to Start and Run a Real Business on the Internet - Building Your Foundation for Success!" It's absolutely free and you can download it here:

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