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by Len McGrane


We all pay lip service to hard work and marketing--but secretly we want our web-based businesses to lift off by themselves and carry us into wealth without effort.

And that's never going to happen. Right?


It SHOULD happen to a well-run Internet business.

Actually, it MUST happen. Because we can't spend the rest of our lives laboriously marketing our services 10 hours a day. We have to find ways to get a certain amount of traffic moving automatically to our site.

And if we're building a series of small, one-product web sites, we need to start a flow of visitors to the first site, then when that flow is steady, move on to the next site and another product, and then to the next one...and so on.

I have found three simple, elegant, ways to get a slow, steady automatic flow of visitors. I also do other marketing, but these three tasks I do once, and they then ceaselessly work for me on auto pilot.

They're based on the two biggest Internet traffic generators-- search engines and word of mouth. So they're powerful.

They don't use 'tricks'. and that means they'll continue to work for me long after search engines change their algorithms and black-list today's 'stealth marketing' techniques.

Together, these three things are a powerful, reliable, automatic combination.

- FIRST, I build a web site around the words people use to search for my services and products.

Domain name, title, description, keywords and text. All these things are decided AFTER I find out what people are actually looking for.

Lots of tools available for this. Start finding one you like at

In a perfect world I'll stay out of markets where I'd have too many competitors, of course. But I must admit I've been seduced several times into trying to sell shoulder to shoulder with thousands of others. Don't make this mistake. You'll get lost in the search engine databases no matter how good your word research was.

- SECOND, I collect a set of articles on my site that are rich in the words people are using to find services and products like mine. In other words, I build a small library of text pages, each with the meta-tags optimized for the search engines.

The library on my site has about 300 articles in it now, and although that site is listed on Yahoo and ranks well on Alta Vista, it's these articles that bring me 70 percent of my visitors.

Of course, the library need not be that big.

I can provide the articles myself--because I've been writing a weekly Internet marketing newsletter for nearly three years now, and have literally hundreds of my own articles and personal interviews with people who are successfully making money on the 'Net!

But I can also collect them from others. If you need articles that are already written just go to the newsletter directories and collect as many keyword-rich pieces as you need. You'll find this could take less than half an hour!

- THIRD, I develop a page of links to complimentary sites. You link to me and I link to you.

My visitors like this resource. If I am not what they're looking for, they can use this page and spring off to related sites that might help them better. They're happy, and I'm happy to have helped them.

This links page also frees me from a dependence on the search engines. I do need the search engines, but they're being worked by sharp dealers using doorway pages and sneaky tactics that often push me way down the list. And they're constantly changing the way they rank me. Search engines are hard to play with!

Also, a links page can bring visitors to my site just minutes after the reciprocal links are set us--literally.

Find tools and tips to do this at

Or go straight to the Big Three Tools that I recommend:

And that's it!

I like the simple elegance and on-going, self-driving power of this combination:
- words
- library
- links

Build them into your site and you'll come to appreciate them also.

Len McGrane helps people make money on the Internet. He'll personally spend hours evaluating your web site, and come up with pages of specific ideas and recommendations to help you put it into a healthy profit. Start with his FREE course at:


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